About us


Konesko’s mission is to be a valued cooperation partner in its field and an employer with a good reputation.


Our vision is to be a recognized partner offering high-quality solutions, reliability of supply and a good and safe working environment.


Established in 1992 with Estonian private capital, the company’s original field of activity was the winding service of electric motor stators sent from Finland. The company started in Tallinn with 8 employees.

However, the constant increase in the volume of work and the number of employees forced to find larger production premises, and in 1998 the buildings of the former Koeru Auto Repair Factory, located in Järva County, Koeru were purchased. In Koeru, in addition to the winding work, the production of sheet metal crane parts was also started. If the company had 39 employees in Tallinn in 1997, there were already 53 in Koeru by the end of 1998.

The significant, if not explosive, expansion of AS Konesko’s activities began in 2003 when the long-term partner Konecranes OY decided to stop producing electric motors in Finland, and Konesko bought the equipment of two motor factories in Tammisaari and Hyvinkää and started manufacturing electric motors in Koeru as a contract manufacturer. The number of employees grew from 134 to 340 in just two years. At the end of 2003, Konecranes OY was also included in Konesko’s list of shareholders with a 19% stake, and from the end of 2013, Konecranes OY owns 49% of Konesko’s shares (51% is still Estonian private capital). Almost all products manufactured by Konesko are designed in Hyvinkää Konecranes OY.

Together with the growth of production, the expansion of the nomenclature of products, and to alleviate the labor shortage, AS Konesko acquired production halls in Põltsamaa at the end of 2003, where Konesko’s metal factory has been located since the summer of 2004. In addition to the new motor production building (2,200 m²), a new factory for the manufacture of electrical components (1,700 m²) was completed in Koeru in the summer of 2004 for the expanded production of electrical components.
In the summer of 2015, it was decided to acquire the former production buildings in Türi-Alliku, where the production of electrical components (3000 m²) was expanded (control panels for container cranes) and a new modern electric motor factory (4400 m²) was built.

Today, Konesko is the largest manufacturer of electric motors in Estonia. In addition to motors, the main areas of activity are the manufacture of electrical and crane components (all production 100% export). The company’s factories are located in Koeru, Põltsamaa, and Türi-Alliku, and Konesko can also be considered one of the largest employers in Central Estonia (443 employees as of 01.05.2022).

Information about important environmental aspects of the company is not public. We share information about the policy of our management systems with the company’s partners and subcontractors, and we expect cooperation partners to implement at least the same environmentally friendly principles.

Core values

Qualified workforce – paying great attention to the qualifications of employees and their continuous development, the company values all its team members, which makes them believe in their abilities and ideas. Employees are the foundation of AS Konesko’s success. High-quality product and innovation – through technological innovations and employee training, the company wants to offer customers high-quality products. The company operates in order to satisfy the needs of existing and future customers. The customer-centric approach has guaranteed the company long-term loyal customers, and the company pays great attention to continued cooperation with them.

Türi sports building